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Featured Promotional Product Categories

  • Shopping Bags


    ... as low as $1.25

  • Pens


    ... as low as $0.99

  • Flashlights


    ... as low as $1.65

  • Sunglasses / Glasses


    ... as low as $1.90

  • Hats


    ... as low as $10

  • Jackets / Sweatshirt


    ... as low as $22.14

  • Tops


    ... as low as $5.22

  • Bags


    ... as low as $2.95

  • Chargers


    ... as low as $13.06

  • Phone Accessories


    ... as low as $1.24

  • Notebooks


    ... as low as $5.20

  • Squeeze Toys


    ... as low as $1.57

  • Drinkwares


    ... as low as $2.97

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Promo products work for you

Sense of Accomplishment

Giving promotional items to potential clients makes them feel as though something they have done makes them feel worthy of earning the free product.

Sense of Loyalty

Giving away free products also works when it comes to employees. You could give them promo items at your company’s events or parties. They may help your employees feel as though their time at these events was worthwhile. It can also help remind the employees of the good times they had during the event. Every time they use that gift from you, it will foster a greater sense of loyalty to your company.

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Why Promotional Products?

Even in today’s web-obsessed society, tangible advertising products continue to be an effective and vital method to promote your brand. Promotional Products motivate action and increase your customer’s recognition, loyalty, and positivity for your brand. They engage all five senses, they last, they get used, they go where you go! If you’re aiming to please your target market, promotional products will be useful.

People give and others receive. With promotional products, this reciprocity can come in two different forms. The customer themselves might purchase from your company or they may tell their friends and family about the product and your business. To elicit a reciprocity response from consumers, your marketing products should be useful, attractive, enjoyable, and relevant.

Only quality: curated the best of what’s out there. We want to make sure every product you order you are proud of.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a multi-color logo?2022-04-20T14:18:25-05:00

Having a multi-color logo is fine in most cases. Some products however are recommended to have a single-color logo/ artwork. If you are ordering a product that needs a single-color logo or artwork our talented prepress team can help.

What are set-up fees?2022-04-20T14:18:14-05:00

This is a cost associated with the set-up of the decorating machine, ie screens or plates.

Can I get a sample before I place my order?2022-04-20T14:18:04-05:00

Yes, depending on the product there may be a sample fee. Speak with a rep today to find out a product’s sample options.

What is the best artwork format?2022-04-20T14:17:51-05:00

That depends on the imprint method. For example, in embroidery, a high-resolution jpg or tiff file can work for digitizing (a process of having your artwork set up in the embroidery machine, to be measured off of stitch count). For most other imprinting options “vector” format is the preferred method .eps file.

What is PMS color?2022-04-20T14:15:13-05:00

PMS stands for Pantone Matching System, which is a system that assigns a number to each color and is used by many promotional product printers to ensure color matching!

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