Promotional products are part of any good strategic marketing plan. Spread your brand reach through gentle yet reinforced reminders of your brand and business. One of the big things to consider is your artwork.

Things to consider for promotional product artwork:

The imprint area. This is the area available for printing on a product, and one of the most important spots because you need it to catch eyes and show your brand off. The imprint area is smaller than your actual product, this means that just because the overall product has lots of space does not mean it is all useable. All products have designated imprint areas, this removes the guesswork for you. The method of imprint also affects the size and placement of the imprint area.

How you can choose a product that works with your artwork. When browsing your products consider the size and colors of your artwork, this will help you or your promotional product provider better choose a product for you. If you are looking to display both your logo and a message your best bet is larger items such as apparel. Promotional t-shirts are a great way to show off your brand and a message, they are walking advertisements.

USB Drives: Factors to consider when buying branded USB flash drives.

Memory quality: not all flash drives are created equal. Especially true with regard to the memory chip that powers your USBs. The easiest way to verify is to work with someone like TigerPress who knows how to verify a supplier. Ensuring tier 1 memory chips are by a reputable manufacturer such as Samsung, Sandisk, Intel, or Micron.

Storage Capacity: USB drives are available in a range of capacities, typically from 64mb to 128gb, cost per drive will increase along with the storage capacity. If your drives will be used exclusively as a promotional handout, we usually recommend opting for at least 2GB in order for the recipient to have enough storage space.

Chip Format: the majority of custom flash drives are offered in USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. USB 3.0 offers increased speed and reliability.

You want to ensure the USB drive you chose matches your branding.

Promotional apparel: Boost your branding with customized promotional clothing.

You won’t find a better selection of promotional wear anywhere else. We offer a wide range of options from top brands. We’ve got you covered with clothing that your team and customers want to wear.

Outfit your business for success with promotional clothing. You won’t find a better selection anywhere else. Whether you want to outfit your employees with custom uniforms, corporate clothing, or work apparel, the experts at TigerPress can help you make an impact with wearable promotions.

85% of people who receive promotional apparel remember the advertiser’s name? The cost of promotional wear is minimal on a “per impression” basis. For instance, a logo t-shirt has an impression cost in the range of 2/10s of a cent.

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