There is a lot to consider when viewing your promotional product proof, from color to imprint area. Understanding the proofing process with promotional items is important as it is the last checkpoint before production. So, what should you be checking for?

Start by checking that the overall design and product are correct.

Next, you want to make sure the colors are correct. Check the color of the product and the color of the imprint. The proof will show your artwork/ logo against your chosen background color of the product. Some colors don’t work together and you don’t see it until they are next to each other in your proof.

Double-check that everything is spelled correctly and designed right.

You also want to ensure your imprint and product dimensions are correct. Seeing your artwork on the product may show the proportions are off. You want to make sure your art is in proportion to the dimensions of the product.

All of these things should be checked before production, so make sure to proof carefully and email with any needed changes so you know the correct item is being produced.